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The Northshore's local vocal competition

What is Voice St. Tammany?

A local singing competition hosted by Center Of Performing Arts and WYLK Lake 94.7FM

There are three nights of preliminary competition. Each night will include two rounds of blind auditions. Contestants will then be voted into The Finals, held on a separate night, where we will declare the winner(s).


What are "blind" auditions?

Contestants are given a number to determine the order in which they will sing. They will stand behind a curtain and sing into a microphone. You are judged solely on your voice. No one will know who you are.


What happens in each round?

In Round One, contestants will sing for our panel of judges. The judges will take a moment after all of the contestants have performed to narrow it down to two or three contestants to sing in round two.

In Round Two, contestants will sing again for the live audience in attendance. The audience will then vote, via a ballot handed out at the beginning of the night, for the voice that they think is best. The contestant with the highest number of audience votes will earn a seat in The Finals.


What happens in The Finals?

The Finals will be held on a separate night after the third night of preliminaries. This night will work similarly to the preliminaries except each finalist will sing on stage in front of our judges and the live audience (not blind). The judges will have first elimination, leaving us with the top two contestants. Those contestants will sing for the audience who will then vote for who they think is the Voice St. Tammany Winner.


What does the winner receive?

The winner will receive a $200 cash prize, airplay and exposure on WYLK Lake 94.7FM, and of course, bragging rights!

Think you have what it takes to be the next Voice St. Tammany winner?

Click here to register!


Registration is $10 and applies to all three nights of preliminary competitions and The Finals.


Contestants should prepare two songs. Songs must be performed a capella, with no instruments or backup music, and they must be no longer than 2 minutes.

Ages 12 and up are welcome!


Dates for 2015 are:

Blind Auditions - June 22nd, July 13th, August 10th

The Finals - September 14th



Admission for voting audience members is $5 per event.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and singing begins at 7p.m.


Good Luck!

Voice St Tammany 2012 Winner

Kelsey Bordelon

Voice St Tammany 2013 Winners

Under 16 Division: Hannah Cole (left)

Sixteen and up Division: Tiffany Helmstetter (right)

Voice St. Tammany 2014 Winners

Nicolette Sigur (left) and Shelby Duhe (right)

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